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Prices are based on blank apparel and do not account for design or setup fees.

Find all of your custom team uniforms needs here. Your print, numbering, team hats, equipment bags, and anything else you'll need.

Custom Sublimated Uniforms

Production time is 4 to 6 weeks

​Design your one of a kind team uniform with a variety of vibrant colors, textures, and more.


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Promote your brand while giving your employees something they can wear on the job. From custom scrubs and medical uniforms to construction work clothes, high visibility apparel, and more!

Track & Field



​Style#  BST72

​(12 Colors)

Slugger Jersey

​Style#  1660

​(12 Colors)

Vision T-Shirt Jersey

​Style# BST99

​(20 Colors)

Closer Jersey

​Style#  1568

​(16 Colors)

Wicking Two-Button Jersey

​Style# 1565


Performance Pull-Up Baseball Pant with Belt Loops Youth

​Style# BP1Y

​(3 Colors)

MVP Classic Baseball Pant

​Style# BP4

​(3 Colors)

 Performance Pull-Up Pant

​Style# BPA-BPY

​(3 Colors)

Triple Crown Classic

​Style# BP9


Camo Sport Tee

​Style#  414100

​(18 Colors)


CHARGE Basketball Jersey

​Style# Bbj12

​(16 Colors)

CHARGE Basketball Shorts

​Style#  Bbs12

​(16 Colors)

 Crossover Reversible Basketball Jersey

​Style#  Bbj16

​(8 Colors)

 Crossover Reversible Basketball Shorts

​Style# Bbs16 

​(8 Colors)

Youth Tip-Off Shooter Shirt

​Style#  1728/1729

​(8 Colors)

Pivot Reversible Basketball Jersey

​Style#  Bbj14

​(8 Colors)

Pivot Reversible Basketball Shorts

​Style# Bbs14 

​(8 Colors)

Pro-Plus Reversible Basketball Jersey

​Style# Bbj4/Bbj4w

​(11 Colors)

Pro-Plus Reversible Basketball Short

​Style# Bbs4  

​(11 Colors)

Gauge Shirt Long Sleeve

​Style#  222525

​(10 Colors)



(Y) = Youth

Sheffield Jersey

​Style#  322970/322971(Y)

​(20 Colors)

Cutter Jersey


1517/ 1518(Y)

​(25 Colors)

Lightning Jersey

​Style# 1600/ 1601(Y)

​(17 Colors)

Ladies Hawk Jersey

​Style#  322872

​(20 Colors)

Octane Shorts

​Style#  1425/ 1426(Y)

​(13 Colors)

Primo Shorts

​Style# 325390/ 325391(Y)

​(5 Colors)

Lightning Shorts

​Style# 1605/ 1606(Y)

​(17 Colors)

Hawk Shorts

​Style# 325412




(G) = Girls

Ladies Color Cross Jersey


342232/ 342233

​(13 Colors)

Ladies Full Force Short Sleeve Jersey

​Style# 1682/ 1683(G)

​(8 Colors)

Ladies Winner Jersey

​Style# 1666

​(8 Colors)

Ladies Mystic Jersey

​Style# 1295/1296(G)

​(11 Colors)

Ladies Slideflex Softball Pant

​Style# 1297/ 1298(G)

​(5 Colors)

Women's Pull-Up Softball Pant

​Style# bp8

​(2 Colors)

Women's Traditional Low-Rise Pant

​Style# bp11

​(6 Colors)

Women's Traditional Low Rise Pant w/Braid

​Style#  BP11P

​(12 Colors)



(Y) = Youth

Solid Jersey With Side Inserts

​Style#  S8623M/ S8623W(Y)

​(12 Colors)

Color Block Game Jersey

​Style# S6793M/ S67AZW(Y)

​(13 Colors)

Stock Practice Jersey

​Style# S096BM/ S096BW(Y)

​(12 Colors)

Dash Practice Jersey

​Style# 9505/9506(Y)

​(10 Colors)

Slant Football Jersey

​Style#  9582/ 9583(Y)

​(14 Colors)

Zone Play Jersey

​Style#  9575/ 9576(Y)

​(9 Colors)

Interceptor Pant

​Style# 9610/ 9611(Y)

​(3 Colors)

Youth Integrated 7-Piece Pad Pant

​Style# F25PFM/ F25PFW(Y)

​(6 Colors)


Track & Field

(Y) = Youth

(M) = Men

Stride Singlet


​(10 Colors)

Girls Extreme Plaited Track Jersey

​Style# R1LFJWY

​(7 Colors)

Stride Women's Singlet

​Style# 896700 

​(10 Colors)

Men's Sprint Track Singlet

​Style# RSPNT1A

​(8 Colors)

Womens Track Singlet

​Style#  RSPNT1W

​(8 Colors)

Stride Women's Short

​Style#  727400/

727300(M) / 227300(Y)

​(9 Colors)

B-Core Women's Track Short

​Style# 727800/ 227200(Y)

​(11 Colors)

Mens Loose Fit Track Short

​Style# R1LFP 

​(7 Colors)

Womens Loose Fit Track Short

​Style# R1LFPW/ R1LFPY

​(7 Colors)

Adult Compression Short

​Style#  RS07A

​(6 Colors)